TUOH Charitable Trust is seeking a passionate and experienced individual to manage its unique native plant nursery, Nga Uri o Hau Native Nursery which is located at Ocean View Road, Te Arai. The nursery has the capacity to produce around 850,000 revegetation plants per annum. To be considered for this role you must have the proven ability to;  Lead and develop a successful team aligned to the organization objectives  Correctly identify native plants and have a wide understanding of their individual requirements  Demonstrate the technical expertise to identify good genetic strains of plant species i.e., characteristics such as vigor and good structure/aesthetics for collection of viable seed; Identify plant health – watering, weed control methods, pest/disease, fertilizing, trimming  Good knowledge of propagation methods, both growing from seed and from cuttings  Understanding of plant irrigation needs and irrigation systems  Lead by example setting a productive and satisfying work place The successful applicant will need;  The appropriate qualifications in horticulture and experience in the management of staff  Have at least 6 years Nursery experience in plant production  Possess the key interpersonal skills to lead and motivate  Demonstrate honesty and punctuality This is a permanent position. To apply, forward your resume with cover letter to office@uriohau.co.nz or by post Attention: Human Resources, TUOH Charitable Trust, PO Box 657, Whangarei 0140. Applications close 22 March 2019 at 4pm. To view the job description, visit our website www.uriohau.com.